8 Sep 2011

How it all began….

Sometimes you just wake-up feeling like something is missing in your life…maybe you are currently rounding the tough leg of your journey or maybe you have just been traveling on too straight and too monotonous of the road for way too long….we are all looking for some sort of escape route.

Some people wait for a sign, while others make their own sign and go for it. We pray, we cry, we laugh, we worry, we analyze, but we can choose to listen to that voice that directs us to make a decision or not. Every decision is life-altering whether we realize it at the time or not…whether we even know how that one little decision may have affected someone else’s life. You really never know how one action can affect the future. What if you held the door open for a complete stranger and gave them a warm smile….what if they were having a horrible day and decided to be in a bad mood…what if you changed their mood by being nice preventing them from going home and unleashing their bad day on a loved one…what if this in turn prevented a huge argument that could have led to something else…what if?
Not only can we make a difference in someone else’s life without even knowing it, but we can choose to make a difference in our own lives. We can make our life what we want it to be…no excuses, no I’ll do it tomorrows, no what ifs, no dwelling on the could have beens and should have beens…you can go after what you want and make it happen if you really want to. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to pack up and move to another country, but it does mean that you should choose to truly live every single day. You don’t need tons of money to atleast get things rolling, but you do need patience, determination, positive thinking, and courage. A good friend of mine has a great motto that she lives by, Be here now. More people should try it, she says…and I agree. One decision or experience will always make you the person you are TODAY and will always lead you to where you are TODAY.

About 2 years ago, I was suffering from my usual bouts of insomnia and suddenly something told me to go to my computer and start typing key words for information on how to visit or live in another country on my own. My first thought was Ireland, but I had already visited it and quickly changed my mind to Italy. I needed to get outside of my comfort zone and go to a country I had always longed to explore. That one decision set everything in motion and here I am on my second trip to Italy trying to make a life and make it work. I would have never made it here had I not had about 15 years of obstacles to overcome. I wouldn’t be where I am today had I not taken the following course: I headed east to college, did a U-turn and headed west to another college, stayed on that road for about 4 years, went south for a little while for love, realized I was on the wrong road and needed to change directions completely, got on the right road and hit some major construction, waited patiently in miles of traffic for a few years, decided to head back east again, hit a major traffic jam, was in a head-on collision, ventured back home, then found an escape route across the Atlantic Ocean. Now I am currently on a new road, it’s pretty bumpy and has a few potholes, but it’s got great scenery, wonderful rest stops, and I’m pretty sure somewhere around the next few bends it’s recently been repaved.
So, that all being said, In the Event of an Escape is a collection of new and old experiences from this newly discovered Escape Route. I don’t think I’m being tailed just yet…feel free to hitch a ride and see where we end up….